Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) for Internal Auditor

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Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) for Internal Auditor

February 22, 2011 Internal Audit Risk Management 2

Practitioners of Enterprise Risk Management are quick to describe the many benefits implementing the ERM framework has brought to their organization and the audit process. But many non-practitioners simply don’t know how to get started with or how to make the most of ERM. And that’s what this seminar is all about.

Through lectures, case studies, group discussions, practical exercises, self-assessments, and feedback from the facilitator, participants will improve their understanding of ERM and the COSO ERM Framework, while coming up to speed with current issues, challenges, and emerging practices regarding risk management, control, and governance processes. This dynamic workshop is ideal for auditors beginning the enterprise risk management process, as well as ERM implementation team leaders and members, and auditors at all levels who are interested in or contemplating implementation of ERM.

Pelatihan untuk Anda:

  • Auditor Internal yang ingin memahami dasar-dasar ERM dan COSO-ERM Framework terbaru
  • Auditor Internal yang ingin menyegarkan pengetahuannya dalam penerapan manajemen risiko yang efektif
  • Para Manajer dan eksekutif yang ingin memperluas pengetahuannya dalam mengimplementasikan ERM secara efektif
  • Enterprise risk management implementation team leaders and members.

Pelatihan ini bertujuan untuk:

  • Improve your understanding of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM).
  • Broaden your risk assessment perspective to cover all significant internal and external business risks.
  • Benchmark, or reinvent, your risk management tools and practices.
  • Understand the new COSO ERM Framework.
  • Gain an understanding of current issues, challenges, and emerging practices regarding risk management, control, and governance processes

Pokok-Pokok Bahasan

  1. Understanding Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)
    • COSO’s ERM – Integrated Framework
    • Internal audit’s role in risk management
    • ERM implementation strategy
  2. ERM Essentials
  3. Internal Environment
    • Internal environment factors
    • A closer look at philosophy, appetite, and culture
    • Readiness check for your organization
    • ERM tools and examples
  4. Risk Identification and Assessment
    • Objectives of risk identification and assessment factors
    • Build your own risk categories
    • Methodologies and techniques: COSO, case studies, control self-assessment
  5. Risk Responses
    • Control activities and risk response factors
    • Risk management strategies
    • Control frameworks
  6. Risk Monitoring
    • Internal control and risk monitoring factors
    • ERM and governance
    • Risk reporting and risk profile
  7. Course summary & discussion of key points

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Informasi & Registrasi:

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