Evaluating Internal Control: Coso-Based Approach

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Evaluating Internal Control: Coso-Based Approach

February 22, 2011 Internal Audit Internal Control 2

Pelatihan yang membahas secara mendalam dan menyeluruh konsep dan aplikasi evaluating internal control dengan berbasis COSO serta kaitannya dengan Sarbanes – Oxley. Dengan penyajian lecturing, group discussion, dan study kasus pelatihan ini diharapkan akan memberikan manfaat yang maksimal bagi yang ingin memiliki landasan pengetahuan yang kuat dalam mengaplikasikan COSO.

Pelatihan untuk Anda:

  • Auditing staff, supervisors, and managers yang ingin mendapatkan landasan pengetahun yang kuat dalam mengaplikasikan COSO demi terlaksananya internal control di perusahaannya.

Pelatihan ini bertujuan untuk:

  • Memahami bagaimana konsep internal control dengan menggunakan COSO-based approach
  • Memahami bagaimana konsep COSO dapat meningkatkan kinerja departemen audit
  • Memahami bagaimana konsep COSO yang mengacu pada Sarbanes – Oxley
  • Mempelajari bagaimana aplikasi internal control yang berbasis COSO

Pokok-Pokok Bahasan

  1. COSO Overview: “The Heart of the Beast”
    • Preview your free copy of COSO’s Internal Control — Integrated Framework
    • Key concepts and implications
    • “Guided tour” of the COSO report
    • Two central COSO implementation principles and how to apply them
    • The revolutionary challenges COSO presents to the internal audit profession
  2. Financial Certification Requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002
    • Discussion of Sarbanes-Oxley requirements and the tools necessary to assist in supporting your organization’s Sarbanes-Oxley initiatives.
  3. “Hard” and “Soft” Controls
    • The distinction between “hard” and “soft” controls
    • Practical ways to evaluate “soft” controls
    • Using the COSO report as an “idea generator” to identify key points of focus for a given audit assignment
  4. Entity-wide Evaluation
    • Successful entity-wide evaluation tools provided by various organizations
  5. Activity-level Evaluation
    • Successful activity-level evaluation tools provided by various organizations
    • Designing an activity-level evaluation technique for your own organization
    • Risk-based auditing under COSO
    • CSA workshops and two alternative self-assessment techniques
  6. Other COSO-based Practices
    • Excepts from audit reports addressing soft control issues
  7. COSO Implementation: Getting Started
    • The process successful COSO implementers have followed to get where they are today
    • Six steps to implementing COSO successfully
    • Application to your own department: new practices, potential barriers, critical success factors

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